We provide commercial and residential lawn care service and we have the equipment that allows us to provide services to both large and small lots. Our mowing service is weekly, or approximately 22 to 28 times per season. This is dependant on the weather. In the time we have been in business, we have seen the effects of dry and wet seasons. As the season starts, we will develop a schedule that will continue on a weekly basis throughout the season. As fall approaches if dry weather sets in, quite often we will move to a bi-weekly schedule to allow for the slower growth of your lawn

We tend to complete commercial lots on the weekends as to provide for the least disruption to the business operations as possible. Quite often the owner may request special mowing times (fast food restaurants for example do not want disruptions during rush hours), we will accommodate these requests.

Residential lots are done on the same day each week as well. Requests to have your lawn mowed on a certain day each week will be accommodated when possible. If you have a pet or other special requests, we will also work with you. WE ALWAYS DOUBLE CHECK TO MAKE SURE WE LOCKED THE GATE WHEN WE LEAVE!!

Upon each mowing visit, we will blow all of the sidewalks, trim the curbs and edges, and pick up litter that may be present. We tend to mulch rather than bag the grass. For residential clients that receive the yard waste removal from the City of Lincoln, we will bag the grass and put it in your container at no additional costs.

Though our usual service is weekly we can also provide bi-weekly, vacation and one time mowing.