Lawn mowing services are set up on a cost per mowing basis. Once you and I agree on the price and any other items requested, that is all we need.

We will document each date we mowed your lawn, and provide a monthly invoice. We ask that all payments be made within 10 days of the invoice.

There are times in the fall months and in dry seasons that we may only invoice on a bi-monthly basis.

Realtors who use Wachal mowing service need only to tell us when and where to send the invoice and we will accommodate the closing of the sale.

We have contracted with Wachal Mowing Service to do our lawn service for a number of years now. I would recommend Wachal Mowing for any commercial property.

They do a great job with my lawn and have been very helpful with any special requests we have added.

-- Karen Hartman, KJH Hospitality LLC